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Sergio Bicas is a successful serial entrepreneur, investor and executive with over thirty years of global experience in organic food, pharma, bio-tech and engineering.  

He co-founded Bcauz Ventures to innovate, invest and advise new business ventures in the food, plant-based and agriculture sectors.  Sergio is on the Board of Directors of YumEarth, the #1 organic candy company he co-founded and was CEO of before a successful exit to private equity. He co-founded Kinova, a greenhouse produce distribution company.  For decades he led food and pharma engineering ventures in Mexico and Latin America, including Bicor Technologies and Azbil Telstar Mexico. Dedicated to his community, Sergio serves on the board of multiple organizations including The L.A. Food Bank. 



Tamar Dolgen is a seasoned marketing executive with over twenty five years of international marketing expertise in entertainment, toys and food.  

Passionate about creating and growing the food and wellness ventures of tomorrow, she co-founded Bcauz Ventures.  Her dynamic career in brand marketing has ranged from startups to multinationals and covered US and international markets.  Her corporate experience in consumer marketing at Mattel and Warner Bros. prepared her to build the YumEarth brand into the #1 organic candy company.  Devoted to improving education, Tamar is on the Board of Directors of a local school and she was recently appointed to the Council of Cornell University

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YumEarth organic candy #1 natural brand marketing experience expertise advisor consultant investor

Bicor Technologies Mexico Latin America pharma food machinery advisor CEO investor entrepreneur food

Kinova Mexico California produce agriculture distribution company entrepreneur advisor investor food

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